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Gentlemen Of Quality, Inc.

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Who We Are
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Gentlemen of Quality was established in 1986, when the Morgan State University chapter of the Delta Gents, a sweetheart group of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., decided to break their ties with the sorority in order to form their own entity. The group's purpose was to educate and mold Afrikan men to become responsible husbands, fathers, brothers, and pillars of the community.

We are an organization comprised of progressive men fraternally united who have dedicated our lives to help positively contribute to our surrounding community. Almost 20 years later, Gents have made their mark in various career fields and are making a difference in the lives of others.

Led by Jermel Gilliam, the organization then branched off to form a new chapter at Delaware State University. Our Wake-Up sessions continue to be the most continuous and uplifting events on campus. We are a mission to promote manhood and consciousness throughout the world.


In the Spring of 1998, 6 STRONG men built the FOUNDATION of what is now known as the Wisdom Chapter of Gentlemen of Quality, Inc. These men were guided by a true SOULJAH named Jermel Gilliam of Genesis Chapter based at Morgan State University. Together these 7 men materialized a vision they had for Delaware State University. That vision was a spread of consciousness, a unified student body, and the building of stronger Black men and women.

The campus of DSU had become more aware of the vision when Wayne Stackhouse Jr., with Justice on his side, REPAIRED 7 BREACHED men in the Spring of 1999. All together these men continued the legacy of GQ. Using Wake Up Sessions as their tool and with the support of the Wake Up Family, Gentlemen of Quality, Inc. had quickly become a dominant force at Delaware State University.

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